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Free Lesson Feb 13th 2021 3PM ET, on Takeout Double and the "Fakeout" Double (Power)

Thank you for registering for our free bridge lesson.

The format of the lesson will be two students as partners vs two Shark robots. If you don't have a partner no worries. 

We will start in Zoom with a short introduction after which we will bid and play hands. A link to Shark's classroom is available in your reminder email as well as Zoom's chat. Shark's classroom requires you to login wth a simple nickname ( see the image below ).

Important Note for partners: 

If you have a partner, you must login to the bridge classroom using the correct spelling of each other's nickname. Check with your partner to see what their nickname will be, and tell them yours! Adding a number or two to your preferred nickname will make sure it is available, for example: MightyMouse12. If you come without a partner, leave the "partner nickname" field blank, and you will be seated with another single. 

Once you press Continue you will be seated at a table. 

Click Here to verify your computer / mobile device is compatible with Shark.