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How do we discuss a hand as if it is every student's hand

When 4 people are seated at a table, it's not an easy task to move them around if you want to show them what is happening with the East hand. The workaround is to ask North, South and, West to leave their hands facedown, and East to lay his hand on the table so everyone can see it. With Shark Bridge Teacher's Console, precisely two clicks of the mouse will get your students to look at the hand you need them to. 

The assumption is that you have loaded a deal for your students, and you now want them all to focus on the East hand of the deal. 

Click #1: Click the seating drop down on the Control Panel (right above the list of students). 

Click #2: Select 1 per table E. 

That's it; all the students now see only the East hand as if it were their own. 

You can repeat those two clicks if you now need them to consider any of the other 3 hands. You can do that at any time during the auction or play, but it is most useful during the auction. 


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