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About Teacher's Table


Teacher's Table allows a teacher to control and make changes on all students tables simultaneously. As long as Master Table is connected, everything a teacher do will reflect on all tables from the session. If you want to work in Teacher's Table without interrupting students, you can use the "Disconnect" button. After reconnecting, if you want to show something on all tables, you need to use "Sync All Tables" button.

From the controls buttons you can:

  • Kibitz sees: You can choose what kibitzers see on the students' tables - bridge rules or a particular hand.

  • Player sees: You can choose what players see on the students' tables - bridge rules or a particular hand.

  • Show all cards: Use to turn all hands face up on the students tables. The button will turn red, to caution you that all cards are now visible.

  • Replay Deal: Use to explain a deal, it will auto stop any action on the student tables and you can start playing the deal from the Teacher's Table. 

  • Next Deal: If you are using Deal Generator or have uploaded a full set of deals to our servers you can go forward to the next deal. Note: Use it with Deal Generator only, loading deals from the Library is one extra click and you know exactly which deal is sent to your students. 

  • Stop Play: Stops all action on the students and turns off robots. Use to take full control of all tables. 

  • Run Robots: Use to enable robots on all students tables, robot does not autoplay on Teacher's table. 

  • Kibitz: You can put a student or a teacher to Kibitz on Teacher's Table.

  • Forward: This will make a bid/play, chosen by the robot, on all tables on the particular position.

  • Undo: This will undo backward one bid/play at a time.

  • Review: You can see a review of how the 13 tricks were played.

  • Save: Offers you the option to save a deal, with bidding and line of play, in your Personal Deal Library.