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How to run a Poll in Shark Console

We are introducing an easy and quick way to run polls. You can just type a question and a few possible answers on the fly, or you can use a canned ( save in advance ) questions and answers.

Here are the steps to run on the fly poll, ask a question that the students can answer with a single click.  :

  1. Go to Load Deals and notice the Poll button on the blue stripe. Click it  to get to the polling actions. 
  2. Notice that at this time I don;t have any saved ( canned ) polls. So I click on the big "+"  to add a new poll. 

  1. Now you get a little pop up screen that let's you enter a question and possible answers. Answers must be one per line of text.
  2. Now that you have a question and answers ready you can click Run Poll. 
  3. You can also choose to Save the poll and later use it again. When you use a saved poll you can adjust the answers on the fly as we will demonstrate later in this blog.
  4. On the student end the Question with possible answers shows up on the left hand side of their hand, replacing the chat. Once they choose an answer or you close the poll the chat is back. 
  5. The results of the Poll will show in a pie graph. The graph will update as more answers are coming in. 
  6. You will no be able to close the Poll screen until you choose 'Close poll'. 

How to run a canned ( saved ) poll.

  1. If you saved the poll it will show on a list. 
  2. Select the question you want to ask.
  3. You can adjust the answer you expect. 
  4. Choose to Run the Poll. 
  5. It you choose to Save the poll again, it will be saved to the deal as well, so next time you choose that deal the "Poll" button on the blue menu will show in red, reminding you there is a saved poll with that hand.