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Kathie Macnab -ABTA Master Teacher and Diamond life master


Kathie Macnab has a fun logical approach to playing bridge with Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
lesson Series.

Kathie is an ABTA Master Teacher who has been teaching by using logic and fun to solve bridge
problems for almost 30 years, she is a Diamond Life Master.

The simple love of the game got Kathie started teaching bridge. She just did not want anyone to miss
out on such a wonderful pastime. In 2000 she joined Bridge at Sea with Audrey Grant and has since
taught bridge in every corner of the world. Kathie is currently the president of the Canadian Bridge
Federation. Kathie became co-owner of The Bridge Studio in 1998 and sold it to an enthusiastic group of
bridge fanatics in 2018. She cherishes the years of being the Studio owner and all the friends she has
made there. She is more than happy to collaborate with the new owners of the new Bridge Studio,

Kathie’s beginner bridge series is 2 hours of fun and play each week and her students always leave the
level one class with the feeling that they will always become better at the game. Kathie has a short
bridge book covering the basic concepts and each week her students receive easy to understand notes.
And she makes sure they get to play several hands (successfully).

Intermediates like to know what they are doing and WHY – this is Kathie’s forte – playing with logic. It
makes solving those little bridge puzzles fun. The secret techniques to playing the hand and how to
defend tends to be the focus for Kathie’s intermediate classes.

Advancing students are eager to learn the many conventions in Bridgeland, but Kathie prefers to teach
the one’s that are easy to understand, execute and remember. To remember a convention, it has to fit
into one’s system and one that will be applied regularly. Some of her favourites are: 2/1, lebensohl,
Spiral, Jacoby 2NT, Unusual vrs Unusual. Mixing that up with Counting classes, makes for a very
informative series of Advancing classes.

Kathie Macnab
Halifax, Nova Scotia