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Shark custom play links September 2022

What is custom Shark play link: You can let your students practice hands much the same way they do when they are in your classroom. You give them a link to a set of boards or individual board. The play can enforce an auction or certain line of play. You control the experience with link parameters. Here is an example, note the link below requires a valid Shark account: 


All parameters that have '=' require a value. 

Mandatory parameters:

&dealset= - This is the UUID of the deal set you get in an email when you share any of set from your Shark Console library. 

&novideo - the JitSi video room is turned off.

Possible parameters:

&seat=  - values are 's','n','w','e' , the default if not specified is 's'.

&bn=  - the board number from the set, is not provided it defaults to 1, and the user can navigate thru the boards. This is the entry point to a set. 'andb' and 'startb' can be used to limit the range of boards the user can navigate. 

&endb= - this is the last board to play from a set, limits the number of boards played by a specific link. 

&startb= - this is the first board from range, limits the number of boards played by a specific link. 

&nav - All the user to navigate thru the set.

&lda - Will preload the auction from the deal set

&ldp - Will preload save line of play, good to use for partial hands. 

&forcebid - Will require the user to follow the auction

&forceplay - Will require the user to strictly follow the provided line of play

&optimalplay - Will require the user to follow line of play that gets the maximum result. Example: playing S2 or S3 have no effect on the end result, thus each play is accepted. 

&biddingquiz - The hand can not be played, useful with multi-hand sets and &nav. 

&sayc - instructs the robots to use SAYC bidding system

&saycb - instructs the robots to use the most basic SAYC bidding system we have without only Stayman and Transfers. 

&twooneinstructs the robots to use Two over One bidding system

&acol - instructs the robots to use Acol bidding system

&noscore - there is no score at the end of a board

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