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Cost comparison between Shark Bridge and BBO

There are still some misconceptions and confusion about why teaching with Shark Bridge is cheaper and superior to BBO, and is worth every dollar/euro for the student. 

Let us look at what a student does in a typical 90 min teaching session. 

Shark Bridge
($2 USD per student)
Number of students in a session  up to 500 up to 4 ( 8 with a second BBO account)
Hands each student will declare  in declarer play lesson play 6-8 ( all hands) play 1-2 watch 4-6 
Hands each student will bid with the right cards in a bidding lesson bid 12-20 ( all hands) bid 6-10 watch 6-10 
Hands each student will play with the right cards on a defensive lesson play 6-8 ( all hands) play 2-4 watch 2-4 

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