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Teacher's Console Update Jan 19th 2021

What's new in Console update 1.64.34

  • Seating and partnering mechanics
  • More Right-Click actions for student and chat lists
  • Stop at Contract with NS/EW hands visibility setting
  • Major JitSi video improvement
  • Separate chat list for Questions from students 

Seating and partnering mechanics

As of Jan 17, Partner nicknames are case insensitive, and spaces are ignored for matching purposes. This should reduce partnering issues due to mismatching case and spaces; any more improvements will not be possible without permanent student accounts with the teacher or with us. Make sure your students enter all the characters of the partner's nickname in the correct order :). 

Right-Click actions for student and chat list

You can send students to a new table in the seat you want them.  Private messaging will be available in a few days. When you right-click on a chat message, you can remove it or you can clear all messages.

Stop at Contract with NS/EW hands visibility setting

This is useful for Bidding classes. You can check “Stop at Contract” when you create tables or when you right-click on the "Add Table" button to update all tables. When “Stop at Contract” is checked, you can choose to show NS and/or EW hands once the table reaches a contract and wait for the rest of the tables. At that time, you can go to the next hand or start playing the hand. The play can continue with the contract reached by the student, or the teacher can change it and then the student can continue.

Major JitSi improvements

The gals and guys at JitSi have improved the presentation of the video feeds. They are much bigger now, and Safari shows all the videos. On our end, the buttons and text on the video screen are nicely readable and clickable. The quality of service has improved as well. This is ideal for sessions of 25-30 students that do not require Screen Sharing. The Breakout room can work with the build-in JitSi lobby or with the external lobby by Zoom/ Go To Meeting or any other communication's app. 

Separate chat list for Questions from students

On the student's end, there is a “?” next to the chat-box; if the student selects it before or after typing a message, it will not go to the table but will go to the teachers. On the Console, there is a new toolbox (Messages from students); if you don't see it, go to Settings and choose Reset Console Toolboxes.  In that chatbox, you only see questions from students. 


  • Looks like you are doing an excellent job at improving your already great product.
    I have 2 questions (that may not be suitable…please feel free to dismiss them)

    ?Is there a “facility” to generate random hands for a group?

    Before the pandemic, many groups met to play “kitchen bridge” in non sanction ACBL clubs.
    Those “kitchen clubs” can now meet on BBO but not play Duplicate amongst their group.

    ?Can you see a way to Create a “kitchen virtual Club” within Sharkbridge…. with the added benefit of saving hands for discussions in Lessons?

    Keep up the great work

    Denys Dupras
  • Good updates for teachers – Thank you. Like the blog idea. A good reference for teachers.

    Jeanne Phelps

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